Friday, January 23, 2015

There's More to the Student Opportunity Fund Than You Realize

Each student at Utah State University has a unique story and purpose for attending our school. Many students are happy to explain the impact scholarships have on their educational experiences. 

One of these scholarships is the Student Opportunity Fund, sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, or CHaSS. This scholarship allows students in the college to keep the dream of completing a higher education within reach. It has helped both of these students achieve their educational goals.

“Me and my family are currently below the poverty line. For me, for what I want to do in my life and my life goals, college is the only way for me to get there. For me to attend college and have funding to go to college, makes a difference in my life.”

“Thank you for investing in me. I really do appreciate it. You’re the reason that I’m here, and I hope to live on your legacy.”

“My choice to be a history major was based on a really good professor, it matched my interests, and it’s something that I’m easily motivated to do.”

“I’m a Hubbard Family Scholar, and that means I've expressed excellence in both writing and environmentalism. This scholarship has given me a lot of extra time, and it also gives me motivation. When I know I’m working on someone else’s dollar I put a lot more effort into it.”

Thank you for supporting students at USU so generously with your time, talents and donations. There are many ways to continue that support; so much more than giving money. Getting involved in your community helps spread the Aggie legacy of service, and keeps the Aggie spirit alive in many cities and countries. 

Utah State is about more than education. It's about an experience of learning and serving and growing. 

How has your education helped you better serve your community? 

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