Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Ways USU Might Be Different Without Alumni Support

Your involvement is vital to everyone at Utah State. 

As an alum, you have upheld traditions, attended events, and assisted the students at USU.
In fact, without your support, things could be pretty different around campus.

Just imagine:

1. Big Blue would still be a real bull

We'd have to teach him how to breakdance dance and give high-fives to all the kids.

2. Students would howl for more resources in the library on a regular basis

Students living nearby in Reeder Hall have to wear earplugs every night instead of just during Finals Week.

3. We couldn't pay for seats in the stadium, so we'd have to stand

Imagine the thrill of standing through a 4-hour game, with 4 kids.

4. We'd have to hold all our events on the Quad, rain or shine

singing in the rain pluviophile gif

With no Performance Hall, we'd be "singing in the rain, in the Aggie rain.."

5. True Aggies would have to kiss in the tower of Old Main, instead of the block A

After all the sweating from climbing the hill and the tower stairs, how many people would actually end up kissing?

In all seriousness, we hope you realize how big of a difference your involvement makes at Utah State University.

Our reputation is built on our successes. What greater success could we have than our students using their education to better the world? 

Thank you for your continual confidence in and support of Utah State University.

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