Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year Same You, But Just a Little Better

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It's February 1st and some of our New Year’s resolutions may already be out the window. But this year, why not try a new approach?
Most media outlets bombard you with reasons why this year you should be different, or smarter, prettier or thinner. In 2014 we suggest you try to be the same, just a little better.
You've heard the expression, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. And we agree. While it's always good to make and accomplish goals, reinventing one’s self every 365 days can be a daunting and repetitive task.
Here are 3 ways to set and accomplish a goal that makes the same you just a little bit better.

1.      Find an area that you would like to improve in.
Contrary to New Year’s messaging, you don’t have to reinvent yourself every year. In order to actually accomplish your goal, find something that you are already doing well but would like to do better. Would you like to eat a little healthier? Or is giving back to your community on your to do list?
Choose an area where a little improvement will go a long way.
2.      Make a Specific and Measurable Goal
Rather than saying that this year you “want to eat healthier” make a specific plan of action. “This year I will eat at least one serving of vegetables each day.”  Or you want to get your finances in order, make a goal to save a specific amount each month. These goals, though not drastic, will be easy to measure. Your progress will be noticeable and easy to chart.
3.      Lastly, make your goals attainable. Though most of us would love to say we’ve climbed Mount Everest or become fluent in Latin, these are not attainable goals for some people.
You can start by making a list of skills you already have. Are you a good cook? Do you enjoy teaching children? Are you a great seamstress? By starting with what skills you already have, you can easily make a goal that stretches you and enhances your natural abilities. And this makes it more likely for you to stick to your new year’s resolution.

Written by: Liz Wilson

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