Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So I'm an Alum of USU... Now What?

Whether you've graduated for the first time or the fifteenth from Utah State University, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to you as a member of our Alumni group. 

You might be asking yourself some questions about your place with the university now; let us try to illuminate the answers:

Why am I so important to the Alumni Association?

Because of your successes after graduation, Utah State is a well-known institution with programs that build and improve every year.  
Because of your involvement, Utah State continues to move forward, and future students feel a desire to be a part of educational opportunities afforded here.  
Because of your support, Utah State promotes a beautiful legacy that we can all be proud of.

What activities can I be involved in as an Alum?

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We host a tailgate party at each road game for the Aggie Football team. Watch for the 2015-16 season schedule this summer.
With a $25 yearly donation to the university, we can send Utah residents a waiver for the A-Plates for your vehicle.
The Legacy Scholarship, available to direct relatives of Aggies, goes through the Alumni Association. Contact us for more information.
Join our LinkedIn group to make connections with other Aggie professionals. Also, take advantage of Career Aggie when looking for a new job. 

How do I become a official member of the Alumni Association?

All it takes is a monetary gift of any amount to any department within the university on an annual basis. When you donate, you'll receive a card in the mail with your Alumni benefits listed on the back. 
We also offer a Lifetime Membership to our association, which supports scholarships, Homecoming, the Student Alumni Association, and many other programs. There are more benefits available to Lifetime members, including a commemorative brick in our courtyard on campus.
*Note for recent grads: If you graduated less than three years ago, a special discount is available for your Lifetime membership. 

Becoming involved with the Alumni Association can bring you a sense of belonging and togetherness with your fellow Aggies. You can build on all the memories you created at Utah State University by becoming an involved Alum. So get involved, have fun, and keep your Aggie Pride alive!

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