Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5 Tips for an ultimate game-day date with your girl

Game Day Dating Tips 101:
  1. To get your darling date excited for all of the football festivities… suggest color coordinated matching outfits! Aggie blue of course.

  1. Don't be afraid to have a pre-date. If she's not an Aggie herself, take the time to fully prepare her for all of the Aggie fan traditions and cheers. Teach her the words to the Scotsman, the “I Believe” cheer and “Winning Team, Losing Team.”

  1. On the day of the big game, don't be afraid to offer her any help at her home. Odds are if there are small chores needing to be done; a dish needing to be quickly scrubbed, or a pair of socks needing to be folded and put away; she will take the time to get her life put together before she goes to the game. These tasks can jeopardize your chances of making it to the tailgate or even kick-off on time. Helping her get ready ultimately sets you up for a happy date and a happy football experience.

  1. Get used to taking “selfies.” You may want to claw your eyes out after the seventy-fifth picture but, if a quick shot on her phone makes her feel as if she is fully part of the football experience, never deny the shot! Never!!!

  1. Don't be afraid to go all out! A girl loves a dedicated man. So, if that means you wear Aggie bedazzled rings or paint the entire left side of your body blue, it's okay to show her what being an ultimate Aggie football fan means to you.

Girls, what do you think of our tips? Leave a comment with any thoughts or suggestions of your own.

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