Friday, August 29, 2014

Are you a Die Hard Aggie Fan?

Calling all Aggies! 

Take this short quiz to see if you're a Die Hard Aggie Fan. Then share it with your friends and see how you compare.

We want to know who loves their Aggies. Good luck!


1.  Do you wake up to the Utah State Fight Song every game day?

2.  Do you have this year’s game day shirt ready to wear at all times?

3.  Do you roll up to Romney Stadium in your Aggie License Plates hours before the game to get your tailgate on?

4.  Do you have the football roster memorized a month before the season starts?

5.  Do you commentate the game in your head, as it plays out on the field? 

6.  Can you unleash a flurry of team and player stats on queue?

7.  Is your voice gone at the end of every game because you've shouted the Scotsman and the Fight song at the top of your lungs a few to many times?

8.  Do you look to the “A” on Old Main Hill every time we win, to make sure it's blue?

9.  Is your lifelong dream to be a part of Aggie Athletics?

10.  When saying goodbye, do you always end with…”Go Aggies!” 

How did you do? 

Count the number of times you answered "Yes" to all 10 questions and following the ranking system below to see how you did. 

1 - 4 = Amazing Aggie Fan  

5 - 9 = Enthusiastic Big Blue Fan 

10 =    Ultimate Die Hard Aggie Fan!!! 

Post your score on our Facebook page and see how you match up against other Aggie fans.

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