Wednesday, April 9, 2014

3 Tips to Prepare for the End…of Your Academic Career

In the next few months a new generation of college graduates will be heading out into the "real world". Some of you may have a great job lined up while others are still on the hunt. And a few of you may be heading back to your parents’ house to regroup and come up with a new life plan. Regardless of which route you're taking, here are three things you should keep in mind when preparing for the end… of your academic career.

1. Don't burn your bridges

After years of paying tuition and writing papers you may want to set fire to your text books and hit the road, never to look back. But part of the college experience is making relationships. Take advantage of these last few months to reconnect with professors, RA's, and TA's. While you may not be best friends, these people may be able to help you when searching for your dream job. Never underestimate the power of networking. 
  • Ask a favorite professor to be a job reference
  • Connect with your TA's on Linked in
  • Ask your RA for their email address so you can keep in touch
  • Obtain letters of recommendation for Grad School

2. Use You Student Status to Cash in on Free Things

As part of your tuition and fees, each student gains access to a variety of University good and services. Get your money's worth by using up all of the things you have already paid for. Did you know that every semester USU students get $10 of free rentals at the ORP?
  • Use up your free prints on your student card
  • Use your $10 in ORP cash
  • Take advantage of the library, rent free movies and check out books
  • Get your bike tuned up (for free) at Aggie Blue Bikes
  • Attend all of the free end of year events like concerts or dances
  • Attend Spring sporting events
  • Expand your resume by learning to use the Adobe Suite software at the USU computer labs

3. Take Advantage of Your Universities Resources

Along with free prints and free entrance to events, your tuition pays for a myriad of resources. The Career Center is one of the most valuable assets to soon-to-be grads.
  • Take your resume to the Career Center for a last look 
  • Have the career center help you with a Career Assessment Profile
  • Set up a mock interview to practice your skills