Monday, January 7, 2013

6 Ways to Ensure Your Kids Become Aggies

It’s one of many parent’s greatest fears – when the time comes for their high-school-aged child to decide where they want to further their education - and they pick a school that is NOT their parents’ alma mater. As if there were any other options.

OK, so maybe it’s not a “greatest” fear of many parents. Or even a fear at all. But when you had memorable experiences and received a valuable education at USU, it’s only natural to want similar experiences and a quality education for your son or daughter.

On top of that, it can be very rewarding to share that Aggie pride with your adult children.

With that in mind, we’ve concocted a list of six ways to ensure your kids follow in your footsteps to becoming loyal Aggies.

Caution: None of these methods have actually been tested and are not based on facts. Results may vary.

Get them involved at a young age.
Take them to USU hosted events as youngsters. Not just athletic events. While the football and basketball teams are fun to watch, there are always other events taking place all around campus – performing arts shows, visual art galleries, speakers, ceremonies, etc. And these events aren’t just limited to the Logan campus. Regional campuses get involved as well. Keep an eye on the university calendar for a detailed list of what is happening in your area.    

Play The Scotsman in their room every night while they sleep.
Start this one from the day they come home from the hospital and before you know it, their first words will be “show me the true-blooded Aggie from Utah…”

Replace their entire wardrobe with Aggie gear.
The Campus Store sells about every article of clothing you can imagine with an Aggie logo on it. Not only would your kids open their dressers and closets every morning and be reminded of how great it will be to become an Aggie one day, but by wearing their Utah State gear, they also display both their Aggie pride and yours as a loyal alum and parent.

Give all your kids names that start with “A”, officially spelled with the Utah State block “A”.     
It may take them a while to write their names, especially when they’re young, but they’ll get the hang of it.

Dress them up as Big Blue every year for Halloween.
Great mascots can be hard to find. If they learn how to break dance and do back flips in their costumes, this could be fantastic training for some future mascot prodigies.  

Feed them nothing but Famous Aggie Ice Cream for the first two years of their lives.
Potential health risks aside, who wouldn’t want to become an Aggie after eating our ice cream?

What other suggestions do you have (serious or not) when it comes to raising devoted little Aggies?

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McEntire Family said...

I don't really have any ideas - but those BYU fans sure know how to indoctrinate their kids. Its a disease that my kids catch every time they are with their Cougar friends! :) We're trying our best to keep Aggies #1 in their eyes!