Thursday, October 11, 2012

Parents: What your child needs to apply for college

If you've ever applied for college, you know it's not a quick, or easy, task. Perhaps even more daunting is the challenge of getting your high school son or daughter to complete the application process - on time. 

If you're a part of this group, the USU Alumni Association and Admissions Office wish to congratulate you on sending a child off to college. We also wish you good luck as you champion the logistics, paperwork, and deadlines involved. 

Since we can't guarantee your son or daughter gets accepted by the college of their dreams, we'll at least do the best we can to help you guide them on their way. Starting with a checklist to get you, and your student, through the dreaded application process.

Straight from the professionals at My College Calendar, here is a list of the must-have's and must-do's before your child submits their college application. However, keep in mind that not all of these list items apply to every institution. For specific details, contact the college of interest. 

  • Finalize your Student Resume
  • Print copies of online admission applications (and other required forms) - begin filling them out by hand
  • Letters of Recommendation - make request to teachers/counselors/employers to write letters
  • Grade transcripts - order official sealed copies
  • Grade transcripts - sent to colleges electronically by counselor or as official sealed copies obtained by student
  • Letters of Recommendation - returned to student or submitted by teachers/counselors/employers directly to colleges
  • Paper copies of application forms - complete by hand
  • Admission application essays - complete required essays
  • Online applications - complete and submit with essays
  • All other admission forms and documents - complete
  • All other admission forms and documents - photocopy
  • All other admission forms and documents - mail using U.S. Post Office certified mail, Fed Ex, or UPS tracking system
  • SAT or ACT scores - send to colleges
  • College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE application - submit online
  • College decision letters - received by student
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application - submit online
  • Mid-Year grade reports - send to colleges
  • FAFSA application corrections - complete online
  • CSS PROFILE corrections - submit to colleges
  • Financial aid award emails of letters - received from colleges
  • Enrollment Confirmation Form - mail to college you WILL attend
  • Non-acceptance letters - mail to colleges you will NOT attend
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Test grades - send to college you WILL attend
  • Final grade report - send to college you WILL attend
Get a printable version of the checklist here

If your teenager is set on becoming an Aggie, take a look at this USU specific checklist. However, if your student's aspirations plan to take them somewhere other than USU, this simple checklist can help make the application process a bit easier, for both of you. Print a copy and start using it today.

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