Friday, August 2, 2013

Test drive your improved Alumni Association

Aggie Representatives are coming to an area near you! With this new phase in the USU Alumni Association’s history, we have developed new approaches to help bring more Aggies together in some exciting ways. The Aggie Rep program is one large piece of our new plan.

Think of the Aggie Rep program as a new model of your favorite car. It’s still the same brand you love, but this new model has more passenger room for all your friends, a blue tooth so you can stay connected to fellow Alums, and a sexy leather interior. There is no need to worry about this new car; we’re still the same company you know and love.  But now this car is more up-to-date, plus it’s still engineered to get you where you want to be. Now you have a car your friends will be jealous of and your in-laws will want to borrow. 

This new program is designed with you in mind.  After all, without your support and involvement your Alumni Association would cease to exist.   
Brett Bills is one of our Alumni Association members in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado.  He has been given a sneak peek of the things to come and we asked him what he thought. Bills said the new changes are going to be a good way to keep people more informed.                                      
                “It’s more just keeping people in the loop. The university has been good at getting people out here and showing interest in our chapter, keeping them involved in events. I just hope the growth continues. We have a huge alumni base that we try to continue to reach out to. We hope those people that have been impacted positively by the university will reach out and get connected.”
Weber County member Stephen Noel agrees that the changes will be good for everyone in the Alumni Association. His favorite feature is the increase of networking opportunities. Noel also has ideas to bring this new model of alumni involvement to the many USU regional campuses. With the new Alumni Regional Reps we will have the opportunity to grow and reach out to the regional campuses and beyond. Noel is ready and willing to stay involved and help make a difference in the new program. “I would welcome the opportunity to be a regional representative in my area,” he said, “I want to be helpful to the neighbors around me.”
Now, more Aggies than ever will have the opportunity to follow Stephen and Brett’s examples and get involved with us on a local level. We invite you to take a look at how easy it is to become involved. We look forward to sharing how your involvement will benefit you, your family, and your community. Even if you’ve never been a part of the Alumni Association before, take advantage of these new changes and test drive your USU Alumni Association today!   


Written By: Liz Wilson

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