Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beauty of Partners: Partners In Business and your Alumni Association team up for greater value

Have you ever been to a Partners In Business conference? They’ve been around for 41 years, they’re some of the best educational conferences around, and they’re right here at USU.

“Business professionals should come here to step back from their day to day work and learn new skills that will help them get to the next level,” said Francios Ragnet, Managing Prinicipal for Xerox Corporation.

Filled with elite speakers like Alan Greenspan, Jack Welch and Dave Thomas - that’s right, from the Wendy’s commercials - Partners In Business offers a great value to professionals in any industry. Some of those benefits include:
  •      High-quality, professional business education
  •      Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits
  •      Insight into cutting-edge ideas, innovations and technologies
  •      Networking opportunities with top minds in business and academia
To make it even better, Partners In Business and your USU Alumni Association have now joined forces. We’re bringing this high level of professional development to you, our alumni, at a discounted price.

Alumni Association members will save 25% on Partners In Business registration fees.

Look at it this way. An annual alumni membership costs $35 per year. By becoming a member, you save more than $35 by attending a single Partners In Business conference. That means your membership more than pays for itself with one conference a year. Talk about a deal. It just makes sense. Especially if you, or your employer, already attend them regularly.

Try it yourself and see why Roy Griffiths, CPA, says, “Partners In Business is undoubtedly the best continuing all around business value that’s provided in the state of Utah.”

Annual conferences include:
  •      Operational Excellence
  •      Accounting
  •      Information Technology
  •      Principle-Centered Leadership
  •      Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Crossroads Conference – held in Layton, UT

For conference schedules and pricing, visit, or contact Jamie Andrus at (435) 797-8270 or

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